US Telecoms Startup


We started working with a firm in the telecoms/IT infrastructure space backed by some investors looking for very fast growth. One being a public figure that often appears on US television. 

We started in September 2020, and did equivalent of an 8 month campaign. We worked a 9th month to just finish off the campaign and make sure the last ones went live, finishing up by end of May 2021. 


They were in a particularly technical and niche field in terms of topics, as we were dealing with topic related to datacenters, WAN/SD-WAN, etc –  and so that really restricted the pool of sites we could approach. But because of this restriction, it forced us to get creative and reach out to very industry-relevant publications, as well as shoulder niches like cybersec and datacenter management. 


As said, we got links from industry publications in telecoms, IT infrastructure, cybersec. Getting links from the likes of, GCN and Techopedia. 

As you can see, the velocity of their growth matched what they were looking for, with an almost 10X increase in organic search sessions

Enquiries also went up with time, and once the client had this tracked using Google Analytics at the start of 2021, we saw the following

Giving them a total of 487 enquiries over 5 months – these were only enquiries due to direct traffic, referral or organic search traffic. 

Here are the increases in rankings according to Ahrefs from Sept 2020 up to June 2021. 

With the traffic value going from almost negligible, to over $3,500 per month