US Ecommerce Fulfillment Case Study

We engaged this US-based eCommerce delivery firm, in a link building campaign from October 2019 to November 2020, and have seen traffic grow from under 3,000 visits per month, to over 10,000 per month.
(as shown in Ahrefs)

Here is the Google Analytics report showing the total amount of traffic we gained in a 6 month period late in the campaign, versus the previous 6 months early on in the campaign. (and traffic is continuing to climb)

Rankings at start of campaign
Ranked in positions 1-3 for 64 keywords, to over 151 keywords.
Some example super-competitive keywords on Google US they rank on the first page for:

Traffic Equivalency
Traffic value went from $13,000 to almost $50,000 (how much this traffic would cost on Adwords)

2021 Update
The campaign has since finished, however, traffic continues to increase as a result of this link equity continuing to take effect with traffic reaching over 27,000+ visitors per month. This is probably enhanced by the on-page and content marketing work they have been doing.
(Full transparency: they are also building their own links, however, the majority of the highest authority and relevant links came from our agency!)