Online Games Website Case Study

This client owned a website that hosted a collection of well-known games, stuff everyone can play. All free, although users could also sign up to a premium subscription as well. Commercial goals were pretty simple – get as much traffic as possible, rank for the biggest keywords associated with these games, and generate revenue based on ad revenue and the premium monthly subscribers.

Background & Strategy

They had already hired a link building company, and realized that their paid link strategy was not creative enough and was not yielding anything other than link inserts or guest posts on business blogs. For an online game site, they needed an agency that could get creative with strategy – which is where we came in.

The client was already handling HARO in-house which was proving successful. However, looking at the actual games themselves, we saw these as assets that we could leverage. Senior wellness was one that came to mind which opened up a lot of scope. But, we also had access to niche versions of each of these games, which meant we also could reach out to organizations and blogs in these very specific niches and get creative with our outreach.

Guest posting was always on the table, however, we wanted a more efficient method of doing this at scale, so we decided to lean more heavily on resource page outreach, as well as tentative outreach which involved the contact “sharing a game”, along with a short intro. More streamlined way of getting links which was important as we were eventually trying to build 15 – 20 links a month.


Traffic increases were incredible and (full transparency), helped by the client’s own HARO outreach. However, we were very successful at getting .gov and .edu links, as well as some quite prestigious organizations in a few industries where there was some crossover with some niche versions of the games we had.

Ahrefs traffic shows us going from 223,000 monthly visitors in September 2020 – to over 2.1 million monthly visits in April 2021 (An increase of over 900%)

Top 3 rankings for 1,852 keywords in September 2020 – compared to 9,038 keywords in April 2021 (An increase of 488%)

There were large fluctuations in between as we were trying to rank for a few keywords with extremely large volumes (5 million+ monthly search volume), where we were doing “a Google dance” in the SERPs with well established competitors.

At time of writing this case study, we are confident results will continue to grow, and we should hit several million monthly visits within less than a year.