MarTech Tool

We started working with a software company in the marketing space who were already extremely clued up about the concepts behind SEO and link building. However, time constraints and gaps in knowledge meant they needed us to take on the lead when it came to link building. The hope was that they could then tailback their PPC spend and have traffic and leads come in via organic traffic.

We partnered with another agency who handled on-page and technical strategy, while we concentrated on link building.

Strategy & Background

Content still needed a lot of work and there was not a lot of fresh content we could leverage for link building. So our focus was mainly on guest posting on marketing publications and non-competing SaaS company blogs, roundup links and getting the CMO quoted on industry publications.

They also ranked for keywords which weren’t that relevant, and so there had to be some amount of “consolidation” – i.e. losing traffic in some areas, and gaining traffic from keywords that are more likely to convert.


Length of the campaign ran from end of November 2020 – May 2020


Comparison of Nov 2020 against the end of the campaign:

25% increase in organic traffic and 66% increase in number of keywords on 1st page.

And if we look at Ahrefs and the Traffic Value:

Which shows almost a 240% increase in Traffic Value.