Managed Service Provider Case Study


This client was a managed workforce provider, primarily for SaaS companies in the B2B space. They had plenty of content built up over the years, had some organic tarffic coming in but didn’t have a solid strategy in place. They had more of a scattergun approach. Company was doing well already but wanted to ramp things up on the link building and SEO side of things.


We partnered with anther SEO agency who handled the on-page and technical while we could focus on building links. We picked out content where we could make the most traffic gains (but that was also in line with commercial goals). And we were going to do this mainly through scaled-up resource link outreach, HARO, and guest post outreach to non-competing brands in the B2B marketing and sales niches.


We built over 50 links in around 5 months (November 2020 to March 2021)

With some notable links being on :, &

Here is an overview of traffic from November 2020 (when we started building links), to start of April, when the link building campaign had completely stopped).

From 242 keywords on 1st page, to 496 keywords (an increase of 205%)

Ahrefs traffic showed an increase from 1,760 per month, to over 4,500 per month (an increase of 256%)

While Traffic Value went from $26,000 per month, to over $41,000 per month: