Lobster Ecommerce Site

National lobster company (LobsterAnywhere) who had produced a lot of content on the site and a lot of on-page SEO / technical work.

However, they needed to ramp up link building in order to keep up with, and beat the competition on the search engine front. And in order to reduce reliance on paid traffic.
Started in late April, and after around 2 months of link building saw the following results:

74% increase in traffic and 37% increase in revenue from organic search traffic

Google Search Console performance shows a 37% revenue increase

Direct traffic also increased (this can be traffic that has not been allocated properly, people finding the brand directly due to more brand awareness, etc). So could only be partly due to search performance, but a positive trend here also.  61% increase in revenue.

Still early stages and expect results to compound and continue on a positive trend. – doing around $150,000 in revenue from organic traffic currently.

Here’s a representation of how revenue from organic search traffic compared from June 2019 to 2020 VS June 2020 to June 2021. An 18% increase.