Hunting Niche Client


This is a client that operates a very high ticket item in the hunting niche. Due to NDA’s I cannot reveal exactly who this is, but, this company sells products to a high end segment of the North American hunting audience.

Income comes through 2 main sources:

  • The central product itself which sells from a few hundred dollars, to several thousands.
  • A subscription service which has multiple tiers up to $300+ per month.

What we did:

So only reaching out to small ‘mom and pop’ hunting blogs was not going to cut it. To reach the right type of audience and get some high-impact links, we wanted to get more creative, and potentially get links with some big organizations associated with the hunting industry or the products around it.

After all, our ideal customer base isn’t just someone who does it in their spare time – these are enthusiasts who spend a lot of their spare time and expendable income on hunting.

So websites associated with taxidermy, gun rights, gun enthusiasts and even the farming industry were going to get us that, because of the kind of product we were dealing with.

The results