Here’s how to build your own links without my help

Yes, you heard me right, this is a guide on how you can build your own backlinks!

Despite me actually selling this service, I want to show you EXACTLY how its done. My reasoning is that you can see it’s actually very time consuming and there are obviously parts which require some expertise – and rather than do it yourself, you’d like to hire a link builder to do it for you (hint hint!)

And if not, you’ll just learn how to do it yourself and you’ll never have to hire a crappy link builder again.

So what exactly controls how Google ranks every site?

Well, its down to Google Algorithm and more specifically, its AI system called “Rank Brain”. Nobody actually knows exactly what this is, so it’s a waste of time to even try to manipulate or second-guess it the way some black hat SEOs do (hint: its why they get annihilated by Google Updates)

But what we do have control over are

  • Backlinks
  • Content

I can take care of both – both bringing referral traffic from the links and by improving your link profile, improving your rankings in the long term.

There is a lot of mistrust regarding so called “SEO experts” but that’s generally because of either violating Google’s TOS (black-hat tactics) or just crap links that don’t do anything.

The links you actually need (and that I build) have to hit 2 criteria to be considered a link.

  1. Be relevant to your industry/niche
  2. Placed there by real people who are actually interested (not paid to post it)

So, we know why we need backlinks and what they do, we just need to know how to actually build them.

So if you have ONE hour to spare to get probably, the best links you’ve ever had, please read on….

For simplicity, I’ll discuss Guest Posts in this article. It’s a good starting point and can get you some quick results.

Guest Posts are when somebody allows you to post content on their site – this helps you to get direct traffic from their site and generally, you’ll get 1-2 backlinks from the page.

  1. Create a spreadsheet to track everything

You just need a basic sheet to remind you how you’ve contacted, how they responded and which links you’ve agreed.

Here’s an example:

  1. Find a writer

Either hire someone on a freelancer site for cheap, or for a better quality piece, look in-house and get a member of staff to write it.

For traffic and exposure reasons get a professional writer to have something of brilliant quality.

  1. Find around 40 sites to contact

You may want to do this, or hire a junior member of staff to do this part, as its very time consuming and boring.

Using this spreadsheet, put your keyword into the C3 cell and this will generate a large list of search queries. Copy and paste each of these into google and manually check the results and pull out any sites which are good opportunities for a guest post.


Download here:

  1. Pitch these sites

With guest posts, around 50% will probably be interested. So just contacts the prospects slowly, as you may not be able to produce the articles quickly enough, if you contact all 40 at the same time.
Bear in mind, this is a very rough skeleton of an email template – customise and personalise as much as you can. The more personalised it is, the better your response (and results) will be. At the same time though, don’t turn it into a dissertation and keep the email as short and to the point as possible – people are too busy to read long emails!
Also, if you don’t get a reply from a target straightaway, don’t forget to follow up until you either get their attention, or a rejection. Don’t forget to spend time on crafting a follow up email subject line that will ensure high open rates.

Subject Line: writing for you

Hey [name],

I’m sure you get load of people enquiring about this so I’ll just come out with it – I’d love to submit a post for your site.

If you’re still accepting posts, please let me know and I can put together a draft for your approval.

Links to recent posts:

● [Insert URL of sample post]

● [Insert URL of sample post]

● [Insert URL of sample post]

[Your name]


  1. Negotiate a title they may be interested in featuring

I like to use  – type your keyword in and find the most popular articles around that keyword. Now, just create something in the same area and you should have something which will pique their interest


  1. Get the article written and send it off

Once the title is agreed,  just discuss with the writer, get your draft over to the prospect, and if any changed are required, just amend.

It may be useful to write a content outline for your writer, detailing the kind of structure you’d like, headings, any articles or materials they can use for research, etc.

Here’s an example document I did for an engagement article I had written – you can customise and send this to the writer : Download Here.

And there you go, one guest post complete with backlink!