Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about SEO, if you’ve got one which isn’t listed, don’t hesitate to contact me.

(1) What Is your link building strategy?
I am creative in coming up with content or angles to content and knowing the types of sites which will respond best to it. Due to this, I can produce very effective links that your competitors probably won’t have, or even thought to acquire.

(2) What are your Relationship Building/Outreach Skills Like?
Most of my outreach is done via email, but if needed, I’ll even get on the phone to get the link. And as I said above, I know just the right type of people to contact and I’m extremely good at adapting my email “voice” to the industry.

I do not believe in sending thousands of spammy emails, as this is not necessary.  My extremely fine-tuned prospecting and highly custom emails usually renders high-quality links.

(3) Is this content marketing?
I know the strategy well – produce great content and leverage it to get the right people to see your brand or product.
But “content marketing” is just a buzz word for me, it’s the way SEO is normally meant to be done and doesn’t need any fancy words to dress it up.

(4) Do you know about recent Google Updates?
I know the last major update Penguin was in 2016 and had a particularly large effect on exact match and partial match domains. I saw no effect, however, I know it impacted a lot of competition – which only helped improve the rankings of my own clients.

(5) Do you use Social Media Optimization?
I do believe in the power of Social Media, but since I’m one person and only have so much time in the day, I can’t offer this service.

I’m happy to offer some advice and guidance on it but can’t run any campaigns for you – however, you would be better running this part of your marketing yourself anyway, since you know your business and customers best.

(6)How much investment is needed? And what EXACTLY do I get?
My minimum time is 10 hours a month – this is the minimum I require for you to see any noticeable results from my link building.
My strategy can be time consuming, so it may not seem like you get much, but remember, the end goal is always the same – drive Effective traffic to your site to generate revenue.

(7) What tools do you use?
I use Moz and a few custom made items I created myself but the bulk of my work needs to be manual, in order to maintain quality.

(8) I know SEO is hit and miss, but what results can you predict from my investment and current position?
You only need a few well placed links to improve the rankings of any website. I can’t always guarantee, but first place (or close to it) is generally achievable.

(9) Any Guarantee? How do we measure results?
I cannot 100% guarantee anything. And nobody should ever guarantee, its irresponsible to guarantee when you can’t see or control outside factors. But, here’s 2 guarantees
Nothing will ever harm your site
Everything always moves towards the goal of you making more money
I measure success by traffic, rankings and revenue.

(10) Why should I hire you?
Simply put, I’m probably one of the top few link builders in the country with regards to creativity and novel content ideas. Don’t cheat yourself out of giving your business the best.