Free Training Videos

These 10 pages contain 10 videos/articles that layout my philosophy behind white hat SEO & link building, the reasoning behind them and an overview of how you execute it.

It isn’t an “ultimate guide” that teaches you step by step…

However, I have yet to see anyone in the SEO industry (with the exception of about 2 marketers) sharing this much info that is this clear-cut and that is proven to ACTUALLY WORK!

My Basic Philosophies

Beyond On-Page SEO : Why You Need To Do More Than Just Keywords And Title Tags
What Are Links And Why Do You Need Them?
SEO: The Ultimate “Pyramid Scheme” Explained

The Nitty Gritty Bits

How Can You Create Kick-Ass Content?
How Much Money Will You Make From Link Building?
10 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Link Builder


Some Advanced/Ninja Level Stuff
The Use Of Metrics In Link Building – And Its Overuse!
What Makes A “High Quality” Link?
Getting an ROI from SEO
The Ultimate SEO Micro-site Strategy: How you can dominate any market (ADVANCED!)