Financial Trading Client (Penalty recovery)

This is a client in a very specific financial trading niche. Probably one of the most difficult niches on the net in terms of competition.

Also notoriously difficult to build links on, and the industry is also rife with people using spammy techniques to get to the top.

A previous link building company let this client down and built bad quality links. As such, the site appeared to have been penalised and traffic took a massive hit. I was taken on at the start of 2019 to help lift them out of a rut.

Took a long time to get some traction, but with some patience (and significant investment from the client in content and links), we’re finally reaping the rewards with improved traffic and rankings.

From 3,000 visitors per month – to just over 11,000 visitors a month.

Traffic value (in terms of what it would cost to get this amount of traffic via PPC is just over $27,000 per month!!)