Building Proper Anchor Text Ratios

This is a question that comes up time and time again.

And I’ve had clients who were far too uneducated on anchor text practice, before they hired me.

If you are actively trying to adjust anchor texts from your inbound links, or only want anchor texts in certain percentages, or with brand name, or 10% this, 20% that – you’re doing it wrong!!

You need  a Natural Anchor Text Profile.

The more you try to manipulate or mold it too much  – the more unnatural it looks.

Letting nature takes its course

So here’s the thing.

The anchor text is vary according to the site you’re placing the link on, in what context our site is being mentioned, and even just simply the preference of the person inserting the link,

Make sure you don’t fall into the trap of trying to “dilute” your anchor texts. If you’re getting to that stage, you were either building the wrong type of links before, or you need to stop – and just stop obsessing over anchor texts.

Most of the time if its a profile on a website, a forum link or a blog comment – its probbaly going to be a naked link, or your name/brand name.

Where it gets interesting is when it gets to editorial (in-content) links.

Now, if you didn’t actively do anything to get the link, then you are limited. Whatever they want to anchor it with –  thats the anchor. Let it be, its still a link, and it’ll transfer link juice and drive traffic.

When you are actively trying to build links – then the same rules apply. Do not EVER try to push to get it anchored in a certain way. It may look far too unnatural and as soon as you  start doing it, it just looks like blatant promotion.

In fact, I’d go one step further and say it makes it look like a low quality PBN link and that you could even negate the value of the link by doing it.

Contextual Linking

The whole point of my philosophy on this is to be future proof.

The way search engines are developing, is like an AI system, almost human-like.

If the link is on a page which is contextually relevant, and it looks natural to the user, who then clicks it, and finds the content useful– then you’ve done your job!

Sure, maybe some consultant somewhere believes that you can eek out 10% more link juice by having 9% anchor text ratio of this anchor, 5% of this one, etc, etc .

But how long will that last? And whose to say that in 5 years time that’ll work anymore? Or it may even cause harm?

Future proof your SEO now, and develop a mindset where you are focusing on creating value for your audience, and showing this value to the websites where you audience are browsing. Use the anchor text that looks right, natural and where it makes sense.

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