Amits Privacy Policy Summary

Amit’s Privacy Policy Summary (In Plain English!)

Just to clarify and assure you that I am aware of GDPR and being compliant, here’s a quick run down.

Cut a long story short

I’m a one band man, I have a couple of helpers who help me, but I’m the main man. And I’m the holder of your data. I run my own social media accounts/social advertisements, so nobody else has access to that.

All I use your data for is the following

  • Show you my testimonials.
  • Show you my products or offers.
  • Show you my guides on how you can do your own SEO/link building.


I use them purely so the site loads faster.


I use the following:

  1. Google Analytics – because I want to see how many people are viewing which pages, what you did after that. Its all just so I can see what people actually like!
  2. Facebook pixel and Google adwords pixel – so I can show you offers or adverts afterwards. Its targeted so I’m only showing it to people who are genuinely interested in my stuff.

About your data

Well, facebook and google or whoever, technically have your data. All I can do is retarget you.

Email Data

I am creating lists and emailing some of you. If I found your info and have emailed you, it is public info. I don’t buy lists or use unethical methods to find it.
Its either from doing whois queries to find the webmaster, finding it on the website or if you’ve placed it publicly on another website or social media account somewhere.

Don’t worry if I do have your email info – it is stored in a Google Sheets account, which only me and my Outreach manager have access to. Everything is protected and encrypted.
It will NEVER be passed onto anyone else or sold.

If you don’t want me to have your info anymore

If you DO NOT want me to email you ever again – just tell me via my email at or the account my team emailed you from (after all we’re real humans that read the emails!)

We will simply add you to a no-contact list and will never email you again.

Here’s a more detailed and boring version of my Privacy Policy: