Adult E-commerce case study

So this client was an ecommerce business in the adult toy industry. Some big players in the industry, so fairly competitive.
However, with such an industry, it is thought to be fairly difficult to build links.

Having said that, we successfully built 18 links, and (at time of writing this in March 2019) have around 4-5 more scheduled in.

This was a fairly short campaign, and with more time we could have built even more links. However, even with these links, we got some traction.

Revenue Results

Crude way of displaying it, but when we show the 5 months prior to us building links – to the 5 months within which we started building these links and they went live, we saw a statically significant increase in revenue.


Saw some movement in the SERPs, but still too early 5 months in to see the full power of these links. Some have been live longer than others, 5 links still to go live, and we need to wait for all links to compound and exert their full “link juice” But seems to be an upward trend. Plenty of new ones appearing, and the 1-3 results have increased.

How did we build them?

With such a niche and unusual industry, need to get creative.

  • Quality guest posts on adult story blogs.
  • Adult influencer reviews, even got some social media shoutouts and shared on paid adult sites along with our links.
  • Linked to by other adult ecommerce sites.
  • And local/UK businesses where there is some adjacent crossover in audience (I’ll let you figure that one out yourself!)