Why Do You Need Backlinks?

Why Do You Need Backlinks?

If you’ve been doing SEO the traditional way (or paying someone) and focussed heavily on rankings, and not had many results, you probably feel one (or most of) the following symptoms:

  • Rankings seem to fluctuate a lot
  • Some of your competitors are doing better than you – but even after analysing the data you just can’t figure out why
  • You may be especially hurt by a Google update, and your rankings drop
  • The amount of traffic coming through to the site may not even be significant enough to even start tracking sales.

Stick to good practice with regards to your on-page SEO (e.g. Matt Diggity’s guide) , setup your internal linking well and you can’t go far wrong…

But you’ve probably already done that, right? If you have worked on your SEO for some time, you’ve probably figured, there’s only so far you can take your on-page.

once you’ve done your on-page SEO, i.e. changed your title tags, interlinked your pages correctly, inserted keywords in the right places, etc – what do you do next? I mean, you can only optimize it so much.

If you really want to start ranking for a load of keywords, you just need to build more authority right?

So the question is – How are you going to dramatically build this authority and ultimately get a hell of a lot more traffic?

The answer – Link building!


Think of links (sometimes called “backlinks”) as a “vote” for your site. The more of these votes that search engines see linking to a site, the more likely that site will then rank for a particular search query.

To Summarise – High Quality Relevant Backlinks = Higher Rankings and More Traffic
When I say high quality – that really means you need to emphasise quality rather than quantity.

Not every link is equal and this is the reason why you can rank a page at the top with a handful links, above a site which has thousands of (low quality) links.

That subject of assessing what is low quality and high quality is a discussion for another video – but, simply but you just need to adopt the basic principle that – you want a link from a page which is relevant to your site and is likely to have an audience who would also be interested in your content. Its that simple!

You can look forward to these benefits when you build up on high quality and relevant backlinks:

(1) A Higher Rank On Search Engines

Naturally, these search engines will want to rank the most authoritative among the niche group and push it up to the top of the search results list. When Google’s crawlbots find your site, it will try to assess whether you have contextual backlinks linking to it. If it does, then the rest should fall into place- you get higher rankings which will result in more traffic.

(2) Direct Traffic From The Links

Link building is also a very effective way of driving traffic – not just indirectly by improving rankings, but sometimes even more useful is the direct traffic which comes to the site via the links.

(3) Brand Awareness

Not much of a major concern especially at the start of your link building campaign, but as time goes on and you build relationships, your reputation enhances within the industry, brand awareness comes into play and will be an important factor in becoming an authority.


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