Getting an ROI from SEO

Getting an ROI from SEO

Two acronyms which  don’t normally seem to go hand in hand (especially if you’ve been burned over the years by bad providers)..

The SEO industry does unfortunately seem to have a bad rep and I know a lot of business owners see it as a bit of cash drain.

Yet – everyone knows you need to have a website and an online presence. The question is, how do you make your online presence high enough that you actually make some damn money from it?!

If you’ve been reading up on SEO, you’ll know the importance of doing your on-page SEO– making sure you’re targeting the right keywords on the page, using the right page titles – the usual boring techy stuff! (There’s a great guide from Matt Diggity which explains some good practice tips:

But, when it comes to actually making money from your SEO efforts – its going to need a bit more legwork and thought than that…

Here are the 3 steps to making sure you have an SEO strategy which will pull in customers and sales – and it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in – this is guaranteed to work!

  1. Create kick-ass, quality, useful content.

I.e. stuff which people in your audience, your target customers would find mega-useful. Provide value… And  please bin those 300 word keyword stuffed articles!

  1. Dial down your on-page SEO and keyword targeting

While there’s only so far you can go with on-page, definitely not something you want to ignore. And by assessing the kinds of keywords which your potential audience  would be searching, you can aim your site and content in the right path.

  1. Link building (this is the key one!)

This is that missing piece of the puzzle that most business owners are neglecting when it comes to their digital marketing. Start reaching out via email to websites, blogs and influencers where your audience would be and build relationships with the decision makers there. Show them your content – and if it hits the right mark, you’ll be able to earn some very valuable links.

And with the right high quality, contextual links, in enough volume, over a period of time – will improve your traffic. Both organic search traffic (as your site will start to rank better) and referral traffic (coming directly from the site that’s linking out to you).

Take this example:

If you built links from websites where you know, your target audience would be residing and saw a steady rise in traffic like this after 4 months.

Let’s say your average customer value was £500.

And (on average) let’s say conservatively, your site converted 2% of customers.

£500 x (2% x 3,454) = £34,540 in November

Now, that you’ve increased it to 7,962 visits a month, by extension it would now be:

£500 x (2% x 7,962) = £79,620 in March

= an extra £45K a month in revenue.

Which equals this superyacht!

All joking aside – if you create high quality content, it’ll attract high quality links – and high quality traffic will inevitably follow.

Better yet –those links are a long term source of traffic which will continue to serve you well for years down the line.

  • You’ll never lose the majority of them (perhaps 2-4% of links on average are lost over time).
  • They will continue to improve your site’s authority and increase your ability to rank better on search engine’s (yielding even more organic traffic)
  • The results will compound, and you could even have an almost non-linear curvature to your traffic graph (Notice how it seemed to really kick-in around Jan-Feb above?)
  • You’ll pretty much be immune to google updates (in fact, you’ll probably grow even faster as everyone is left flailing from it!)
  • As you continue building more and more content and getting a reputation in your industry, your brand/product could start to become a hub for info. You’ll garner a lot more respect and recognition and may even start earning links without actually having to actively get them (this is for much further down the line though).

So before you completely ditch any notion of SEO and abandon your website completely – just think link!




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