Real SEO that works.

I am a freelance SEO and traffic consultancy. I work with small to medium sized businesses and talk directly to the decision maker. Meaning that my work stays dynamic and quick and if we need something done, it can be actioned within a couple of emails.

Sound fair? Read on…

Here’s the service I offer and specialize in.

Freelance SEO Consulting, a monthly traffic generation service. You probably already have a website, but I am an expert at building the right kind of backlinks to your site.

The aim of these links is for 2 benefits:

(1) To generate referral traffic – with the people clicking on the link going on to buy your product/service.

(2) These links will act as “food” for the search engines – improving your organic rankings and in turn will send more organic traffic to your site.

If you don’t really understand what a backlink is or this doesn’t really make any sense, in simple terms “Link Building will send more people who are interested in your product or service to your website.”

So… who would need this service?

If you have a website but need to send more people to it who could actually buy your product or service.

My prices do come at  a premium so not everyone can afford this.

  • You’ve done some SEO, done your on-page stuff but need something to get you even more traffic and give you that extra edge.
  • You might have a marketing team in-house who are producing great content but need a consistent source of great quality backlinks to capitalise on it.
  • You or your marketing person know what backlinks are and the value of having them.
  • You know the value of doing things correctly in order to consistently grow the business for the long term, and sustain it for years down the line – with ZERO risk of penalities.

Wait, who are you, anyway?


I’m Amit Raj. I’ve been  a link building specialist since 2015. And while I am based in Scotland, I’ve worked with clients from all over the world and worked on campaigns across many industries.

Why choose me?

No matter who you hire, they need the following quantities.

Transparency – Everything done in your name or your company’s name is recorded in a spreadsheet, which you’ll access to at all times, in real-time. If something isn’t working, you’ll be notified and we’ll change tact.

Personal – this is all just me, a few helpers for some small tasks – but you only ever talk directly to ME!

Patience – I do things ethically and always with the viewpoint that it needs to benefit the business in the long term. Long term, solid results take time!

Quality  – High quality work is always top of my agenda, rubbish content means crap results. So I only want to create and work with the best content I possibly can.. This means we get the best results. If having the best version of something isn’t high on your agenda, we may not be a good fit.

Educational – You don’t need to know all the technical ins and outs of SEOs, but if you just want to know exactly why I do things the way I do, please just contact me so we can have a quick chat – I’m happy to chat about pretty much anything!

If you like what you’re reading contact me here or on – and I will try to get back to you within 24 hours.

And if you want to see exactly how I do things have a look at this!